June 29, 2008

And then...

So I changed the layout again, not much, but I didn't like how squishy the text looked. Oh what I would do for knowledge of HTML. Heck, maybe I'll even take a course in it?

But how you ask? Considering I work an unpredictable schedule that changes at a moments notice? Well my dears, because I finally landed a full-time gig! Wahoo!

I work in a unionized environment, so it's a little complicated for you laymen, but what happened is my "knowledge" was assessed and I scored high enough to win a full-time term position. Basically what this means is I know my schedule from now until May (when the term ends). Until now I've been classed as Permanent Part Time, which means I have a guarantee of 40 hours every two weeks and all the hours above that depend on sick calls and vacation time that needs to be covered. So I've been working an average of 80 hours a pay period, but what the hours are changes on a day to day basis. My schedule now is the same shifts each pay period. I have every Friday off and four days in a row off every two weeks. It's sweet.

I added a little gadgety thing over there in the bottom right hand corner that tells me my blog currently has a Junior High reading level... I'm not sure how I feel about that but I've never really gone for literary excellence here, so I guess it's an expected result...

Speaking of reading: if you told yourself you were going to read 15 books in two months (July and August), what would you read? I was going to aim for 30 books in two months, but that's a bit lofty considering I couldn't even handle one War and Peace in 6 months.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new postion, it's exciting to know your schedule. I know this because I only know mine 4 weeks at a time... and I am a perm. full time staff. Well deserved.

Flowers for Algernon (I recently reread this and enjoyed it again)

The Red Tent

I am also thinking of reading the Dairy of Anne Frank again to see what it is like to reread it as an adult.

richmanwisco said...

Congrats on improving your job there. It's gotta be a relief to have some permanency.

And the writing style gauge is not a measure of excellence by any stretch. It just means your vocabulary and sentence structure is understandable at that level. Which is actually a good thing.