August 15, 2008

Oh Yeah, You

I'm unmotivated. For everything I have to do, I have a reason not to do it.

Scratch that. I have no reason not to do these things, but yet, I continue to not continue or persue.

Be the change you want to see in the world. If you change nothing, nothing changes...blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc. You know that thing that's deep inside that you have to dig down to to excel in moments of adversity? The thing advertisers tell you can be found in the bottom of a sugary drink? "It"? Are you familiar with "it"? I can't find it, so if you could point me in the right direction, that'd be great.

It's not like I have to do something fantasticly difficult - I can't even "push" myself to take a book back to the library.

I think I need an epic journey... travel TV has ruined me. Not that I even watch TV anymore... my DVR is almost full, but for that I blame the Olympics.

Ah, the Olympics. That great unifying sporting event that holds the world captive each Olympiad. Even the Americans are getting into it this year, with NBC pulling in huge ratings. CBC is doing a great job, this being their last kick at the can before it goes over to CTV. It helps that the Americans have the greatest Olympian of all time... that's a pretty good for the marketing department.

The Canadians however, are a different story. Here we are heading into day 8 with no medals, whatsoever. It's really hard to stay patriotic and optimistic when Azerbaijan has won more events than we have. The countries that are doing well are those with major government funds dedicated to athletic success, i.e. China. When the Olympics are hosted by a dictatorship the host country always does well. It happened in 1936 when Germany was winning everything, and it happened in Moscow.

If Canada wants to be competitive on the world stage, we have to change our tactics and spend a lot more money... Is it worth it? What's the purpose of winning everything at the Olympics? It makes us feel good? Those with the success now are the biggest violators of human rights... how do we find a better balance? Can we, or should we?


Shannon said...

So i'm here - bored and a lone..

let me know how the reunion goes!


Anonymous said...

Good post, Evelyn. You raised some great questions.
I am reminded of the quote:
"To keep a people docile, give them bread and circuses." China put on quite a circus!