August 29, 2008

Who? Running for What?

I'm doing my very best to avoid any and all coverage of the US election, and I must say, I'm doing a fine job. Obama who? McCain what? Like the fries?

Well maybe not that good, I know who the running mates are, I know they're having those little convention thingys at the moment, but quite frankly, if I were to truly avoid the whole thing I'd have to remove my frontal lobe and watch Danger Bay reruns all day (I used to have a crush on Jonah... don't know why looking back, but I also had a crush on Roger from Tarzan, who incidentally enough, was on Danger Bay for an episode - the more you know).

Anyway, I'm well aware that whoever wins this horse race will have some affect on me. We're neighbours, co-dependent economies, they have bigger guns, blah blah blah. But that doesn't mean I have to care about whatever happens from now until November, because, given the emblem on my recently expired passport, I don't have a vote, a say, or any leeway, nothin', nadda. And that my friends, is the way I like it.

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

I will, however, be following the Canadian election campaign which will likely be happening in the fall. I haven't been able to vote for one reason or another (last time I wasn't Canadian enough cuz I had been in the states longer than 6 months, and had only recently returned) and I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity.

I'll probably vote Conservative. Since none of the other leaders appear particularly competent. I believe my current representative is Liberal... but Halifax has a strong NDP streak, so I'm not sure what's happening up in this hood.

I just visited the NDP site, and whoa on the trying to be hip factor. That picture of Jack Layton is ridiculous. Looks like he'll be breaking into song a la "From Justin to Kelly" (go ahead, click on that link, I guarantee you will not be disappointed). They have widgets and facebooks and podcasts and youtubes. Then again, none of the parties have a particularly impressive website. After visiting the Conservatives it's evident that they have a hate-on for Mr. Dion. I bet that's an awkward conversation at the urinal.

So as for America... not that interested. It's a little too over the top for me, and I can only handle hearing about the same things for so long. They'll each be villified by their respective "unbiased" news networks, and frankly I don't care whether or not Obama refilled the Brita filter after drinking the last glass.

I'll listen for the winner in a few months, and tick off another box on the list of things I know, but other than that, I'm going to continue changing the channel when coverage comes on.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Evelyn,if you had Fox News you would be intrigued! "Fair and balanced" is their motto and it's true! The other main-stream media (Canadian ones included and particularly) are busy touting their pro-abortion, anti-family rhetoric, ad nauseum! Those are the issues that matter to me. I am thrilled with McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate. Would that we had someone in Canada to even come close to her! But alas, it is not so.
Regards, Twila