May 04, 2008

Nightshifts and Other Oddities

Since working on the male unit I haven't had as many night shifts, so this morning as I was crawling into bed at 8:00 am, I discovered that falling asleep to a blazing sun is more difficult than I remember... but having been awake for almost 24 hours I somehow managed to squeeze in some shut eye.

I also had a weird, crazy, complicated dream that was as layered as a green ogre. If I know you, you were probably in it. In a change from the norm I was not packing in this dream, which hopefully doesn't mean that I'm not going anywhere anymore (literally or figuratively), cuz that would suck (though this rut is rather comfy). Kids I work with were there, professors, roomates, co-workers, family... it was a veritable cornucopia of aquaintances, I'm lucky I got out alive!

Did I mention that I changed a diaper for the first time ever in my life this past week? Because I totally did! Mom and I had been helping my brother, his wife and Sheamus (6 weeks already!) move this past week. Bro got a job on a farm in Shubenacadie and the farmer has a little house they can rent for very cheap on the property. It's pretty small and "farmesque" but it's a good deal and they can be free of extraneous family members. Anyway, one afternoon bro was at work, mom went to town to pick up SIL's prescription for mastitis (man... mastitis is not a good time), and SIL was in the shower.

So there we were, Sheamus and his favourite auntie (me) chillin' on the couch. I'm glad everyone was gone because I didn't want the judgemental eyes of experienced diaper changers judging me. It went fine, he was clean and happy, and I felt accomplished. And, to top it off, I was able to rock him to sleep without relying on the trusty Scotch from the cupboard. Nope, as long as Sheamus can suck your thumb, he's happy... that may get old when he's 5, but whateva! He's cute now and that's what counts.

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